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Features Overview

Adding Additional Employees

These instructions will help you create accounts for additional employees in your software. Once you’ve created your first Cloud software account, you can log in to your account and add more employees to you...


Sending Receipts

These instructions will help you send receipts by e-mail to your clients. When you close a ticket, you will automatically be prompted to e-mail a receipt to the client. Enter the client’s e-mail address i...


Scheduling an Appointment

These instructions will help you successfully schedule a new appointment on the cloud website and from the mobile app. Cloud Website Go to the appointment book by clicking the Appt Book icon at the top. ...


Client Formula History Overview

These instructions will help you view, edit, and make new entries in a client's formula history. From the cloud software website, click the Clients icon. Select a client from the list to modify. Choose t...


Changing the Length of an Appointment

These instructions will help you modify the length of an appointment by changing service duration times on open tickets. Once you’ve added a service to a ticket, you can easily change the details of that servic...


Modifying Employee Schedules

These instructions will help you adjust the working times an employee is shown as available on your appointment book. The hours that an employee is shown as available on the appointment book is determined by th...


Changing the Displayed Currency

Currency symbols in your software are controlled through your Windows Control Panel settings. There is no place in your software to change the displayed symbol if it doesn't match your country's symbol. Here ar...


Adding Payment & Tender Types

These instructions will help you add (or remove) new Payment and Tender types to your software. Many businesses require new entries simply for special promotions, while others accept more specific forms of paym...


Tips Overview

Employees may claim tips on an open ticket. Two types of tips exist: Direct Tip: a tip given directly to the employee. The tip amount does not appear on the client's receipt. The tip amount is reported in pa...


Ticket History

The ticket history for individual tickets can be very helpful in determining when changes were made to tickets, including when different services and products were added and when a ticket was closed. Ticket His...